What is Fortinet Security Fabric?


Please provide an outline of Fortinet Security Fabric.

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  1. A Security Fabric makes use of FortiTelemetry in linking Security Sensors and Tools together, which collects, coordinates, and responds to malicious behaviour in a network in real time. A Security Fabric co-ordinates FortiClient, FortiManager, FortiClient EMS, FortiAnalyzer, FortiWeb, FortiAP, and FortiSwitch.

    Security Fabric ties a Network Data to provide control and visibility. It covers:

    • Infrastructure Security (Routing and Switching)
    • Data Center Security (Virtual and Physical)
    • Secure Wireless, wired and VPN Access
    • Application (Custom and OTS) Security
    • Content Security (Email and Web)
    • Endpoint Client Security
    • Network Security
    • Cloud Security

    Companies these days concentrate on moving faster and reducing costs, which in turn results in adopting new technologies. The FORTINET Security Fabric will segment the network from IoT to Cloud too, in turn, protect against threats. The Fortinet Security uses and approaches which is automated and integrated. It makes use of AI-driven breach prevention and reduces complexity through automated orchestration and operations.

    Here are some components of Fortinet Security Fabric:

    • Network Operations
    • Fabric Connectors
    • Multi-Cloud Security
    • Application Security
    • Security Operations
    • Secure Access
    • End-Point Protection
    • Device Protection
    • Fabric APIs

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