What is Fortinet NSE 8 exam?


Please provide more information about NSE 8 Written & Practical exams

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  1. The NSE 8 (Fortinet Network Security Expert) Certification provides the candidates with the knowledge and skills to design, configure, and troubleshoot network security. It all can be used to manage complex networks. Candidates must possess relevant industry experience to take up the certification exam.

    The Fortinet NSE 8 Exam can be taken up by Network Security Experts and Fortinet Security Experts. Candidates need to have at least more than five-year experience in various complex networks and thus solving complicated security issues. To be mentioned, the process to prepare for this examination will be time-consuming and costly.

    The candidates need no pre-requisite to take up the Fortinet NSE 8 Written Examination. The written exam is a pre-test for the Fortinet NSE 8 Practical Exam. The candidates need to clear both written and lab examination to obtain the NSE 8 Certification. There are no formal pre-requisites for the NSE 8 Written Exam.

    Candidates need to complete the NSE 8 Practical Exam within two years of completing the NSE 8 Written Examination. Before attempting the NSE 8 exam, the candidates are recommended to complete the NSE 4 to NSE 7 Certifications.

    Fortinet NSE 8 is a 90 minutes multiple choice examination offered at Pearson VUE test centres worldwide. The written exam can be taken up at Pearson VUE Test Centers worldwide.

    After passing the written examination, the candidates need to schedule the NSE 8 Practical Session with Fortinet NSE 8 test locations.

    The NSE 8 practical exam requires you to configure and validate a network topology using Fortinet products and solutions. You have to perform a total of 38 tasks in 2 days.  9 hours on day 1 and 6 hours on day 2.

    The Fortinet Questions test Designing Scenarios, Exhibits. Configuration and Troubleshoot Extracts and also knowledge and experience of the candidate

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