What is Fortinet Firewall?


What is Fortinet Firewall?

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    Founded by Ken Xie and Michael Xie, Fortinet is an American Multinational Company based in Sunnyvale, California. FortiGate is the first ever product launched by Fortinet.
    Fortinet later added products like Messaging Security, Wireless Access Points, and Sandboxing.
    Fortigate Next-generation Firewalls provide high performance and protection along with encrypted traffic. And to deliver it they make use of threat intelligence security services and processors.
    FortiGate delivers automated visibility into users, networks, and applications. Gartner had estimated that by 2019, 805 enterprise traffic would be encrypted and 50% attacks targeting enterprises will be hidden in encrypted traffic.
    Here are some Fortinet Firewall Services that we must take a look at:

    • FortiManager Cloud: Centrally manage several devices by a single console with role-based access controls, change management, configuration management, and best practice compliance
    • FortiAnalyzer Cloud: Enables customers to identify real-time operational anomalies in the network
    • FortiConverter: Migrate legacy Firewall Configuration policies to FortiGate policies
    • Security Rating Service: A guide for customers to design, implement and maintain Security Fabric
    • Application Control: Create policies to allow, deny or restrict access to applications
    • Web Filtering: Protect the organization by blocking inappropriate websites
    • FortiSandbox Cloud Service: Performs analysis to identify unknown malware
    • FortiGuard Antivirus: Protects against viruses, spyware and threats
    • FortiGuard Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Protects against latest network intrusions by detecting and blocking threats
    • FortiGuard Virus Outbreak Protection Service (VOS): Detects and stops malware threats discovered between signature updates
    • Content Disarm And Reconstruction (CDR): Processes incoming files and destructs the elements that do not match
    • IP Reputation and Anti-Bonet Security: Near Real-time intelligence to the aggregate malicious source IP Data from a network of threat sensors
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